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Is English an obstacle in your professional growth? Does English limit your career avenues? Do you love travelling, but avoid certain places just because of English? Is it difficult to connect with people while travelling?

Then, you are at the right place !

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We don't work any miracle... but just give you the much-needed confidence & knowledge to cross all the hurdles...

I have recorded videos to help you learn English and gain in skill.
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Passion, experience and simplicity

Hi friends!
I am Shilpa, from India - a TEFL-certified English Teacher.
Teaching English is my passion. I have been working as an online English Trainer since 2014. English is a global language & I feel that everyone on the planet has the right to have access to this international language. This is my humble effort to contribute to your endeavour to learn English. Come & join me on this fabulous journey of learning English! It's no more a tedious and boring classroom activity. Learning English can be so much fun & fulfilling. I understand that the requirements can vary from person to person. Therefore, we are offering you three options to choose from.


  • Tailor-made Program
    Based on your requirement & level, I will plan a program for you.
  • Basic English Program
    You will learn basic vocabulary, sentence structures & grammar along with the other skills.
  • Spoken English Program
    General conversation on various topics to give you spoken English practice.

About me

I am a psychology graduate, an MBA in Human Resources, and a diploma holder in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

My Past Experience:
I worked with an English Learning Company, where I gained valuable experience in teaching English & got the great opportunity to meet some amazing students from around the world. Before that, I worked with a German Company where I made some great European friends.

My hobbies:
I love spending time with my loved ones, as much as I enjoy the Me-time. Sports & Movies are my stressbusters. I am an inquisitive person, and love exploring & learning new things. I like to meet people, interact with them & know about their culture & country. Travelling attracts me a lot because it widens your horizons!

My Vision:
Teaching online English to non-native English Speakers in such a way that would boost their confidence to use the language in their professional or personal lives.

My varied educational & professional background helps me to connect with people easily. Learning a language is like diving into the ocean. So, let me help you with the tricks & techniques to achieve this great feat.
I look forward to meeting you soon!!

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